Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Ensuring inclusive and representative workplaces and business

Equality, diversity and inclusion is about making sure workplaces and business practices are inclusive and representative of every member of society. It’s about removing barriers to employment, services and success, allowing employees to contribute their all, businesses to provide for every customer, and wider society to benefit in kind.

The business case for diversity is a strong one, whatever sector you’re in. Companies of all shapes and sizes are looking to take a lead on diversity so that they can get the best from diverse teams of staff and deliver focused, high-quality services to an ever more diverse customer base.

EW Group has been one of the UK’s leading diversity training providers for three decades, engaging and up-skilling staff, managers and senior leaders in equality, diversity and inclusion. We’re big believers in experiential learning, and regularly use our team of actors to create memorable courses with measurable impact.

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"Consultancy that makes a positive difference to business performance. A reputable leader in their field." Valerie Todd, Former Talent and Resources Director at Crossrail

What’s your diversity challenge?

Through 30 years working with large businesses and organisations, we’ve encountered countless diversity challenges; issues such as ensuring senior teams are diverse and representative of the company, reducing occurrences of unwanted behaviour, and ensuring decision making is free from bias. To help you understand your business’ specific diversity challenges, visit our handy guide. It details a wide range of common challenges and the steps needed to rectify them.

Understand your business’ diversity challenges

The benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace

A focus on workplace diversity and inclusion can be hugely beneficial to businesses. As well as often directly affecting organisations’ bottom lines, it ensures a happier and more engaged workforce, greater number of perspectives, and more in-depth understanding of customers and their priorities.

Equality training versus diversity training – what’s the difference?

While equality training and diversity training often go hand in hand, there are differences between the two that employers investing in training should be aware of. Put simply, diversity training is formed around improving understanding of differences between social groups and people and how these differences are positive, while equality training is about removing barriers to opportunity based on individuals’ characteristics.

Learn about the differences between equality and diversity training

Our diversity and inclusion research: what are business’ 2020 priorities?

What did 2019 mean for business diversity and inclusion in the UK and what are the priorities for 2020? We polled a range of respondents, including CEOs, diversity heads, HR leads and managers, to find out what their experience of diversity and inclusion was last year and their outlook for the future. The results paint a positive, if uneven picture, with plenty more work still to be done.

View our 2020 diversity and inclusion research

What is diversity and inclusion in the workplace? And how to get started

Whether you are an office champion, HR leader or CEO, it’s important to understand what diversity and inclusion means in a workplace setting and the steps you can take today to make your organisation more inclusive and diverse. In our guide, we detail how to start conversations with senior leaders, how to determine the business case for diversity and inclusion, the actions you can take to reap the benefits and much more.

Learn about diversity and inclusion in the workplace and how you can get started

Diversity audits – where to start

A diversity audit is a crucial priority for any business looking to improve their approach to diversity and inclusion. Spanning data, policies, processes and culture, it can help identify problem areas within your organisation and shape meaningful, effective strategies. In our guide, we look at these four dimensions to diversity audits and what a successful diversity audit looks like.

Learn about diversity audits and how to conduct them

How to get the diversity data you need

Improving workplace diversity is hugely reliant on having access to the right type and volume of data, then analysing this data in the correct way. Data gives you a baseline understanding which you can use to guide your strategies and efforts, and a reference point to continually compare the effectiveness of your action, as well as assisting the adaptation of strategies to ensure long-term success.

Learn more about capturing and analysing diversity data

Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty

All public authorities must comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty by law. This is also true of any organisation that carries out public functions or services – whether you’re in the public, private or charitable sectors. More and more private sector companies are targeting compliance with the Equality Act: looking to reflect their engagement with the diversity and inclusion agenda, and the business benefits that diversity can bring.

Talk to the experts in the Equality Act 2010 and Public Sector Equality Duty

Diverse groups outperform homogeneous ones by 58% in team assessments
Your most engaged employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave your organisation

Ensure equality, diversity and inclusion in your workplace with EW Group

We have nearly 30 years’ specialist experience in workplace diversity consulting. All our diversity and inclusion training courses are comprehensive in their coverage of equality law and diversity principles and we take a cross-cultural approach in all our training. We account for all the strands of diversity and tailor our training to your challenges and strategic goals.

Our diversity consultants can also create more specialised training programmes to explore certain themes in more depth, such as Equality Impact Assessment and Reasonable Adjustments.

Designed with your priorities in mind, our diversity training courses will empower and enthuse your delegates to:

  • Demonstrate a clear commitment to and shared understanding of diversity at work
  • Work more effectively with social and cultural difference in their teams
  • Understand their responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty
  • Articulate the strong business case for diversity
  • Recognise the impact of unconscious bias, and its implications in all the work they do
  • Challenge instances of bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • Identify and build on areas of current good practice
  • Develop practical approaches to workplace inclusion, including tools, strategies and action plans.

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Equality Diversity Inclusion Training EW Group

Diversity Development Standard

EW Group’s externally assess diversity accreditation, the Diversity Development Standard (DSS) helps you gauge and improve your diversity and inclusion performance. The product of nearly three decades of experience in the field and assessed and verified externally by recognised specialists, the DSS recognises excellence and provides a benchmark for businesses wanting to improve their approaches to equality, diversity and inclusion and unleash the considerable benefits.

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Teams with more than one member who represent your target customers are up to 158% more likely to understand their needs
Diverse businesses are 35% more likely to financially outperform their industry’s national average

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reWorked podcast

In reWorked, we talk with leading lights in equality, diversity and inclusion about their experiences and lessons regarding building positive workplaces and tackling discrimination. Listen below and discover how your business and its culture can be improved with a focus on diversity, inclusion and equality.

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