Diversity in Business Accreditation

Diversity audits made bespoke to your organisation

The Diversity in Business Accreditation is our recognised equality standard. Aligned to your business goals, it provides your organisation with external verification and certification of your diversity performance.

EW Group have been training, consulting and auditing on diversity in business for 27 years.

This specialist diversity accreditation:

  • Benchmarks your current position on equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Supports the design of effective diversity strategy
  • Demonstrates progress made on diversity to staff, clients, customers and stakeholders.
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EW Group – Leaders in Diversity Accreditation

Undertaking external verification of your diversity practice makes a clear statement that you are progressive and proactive on diversity and inclusion. Companies who gain the Diversity in Business Accreditation (DiBA) are able to distinguish themselves from their competitors in the procurement process or when recruiting the best new talent.
"The team at EW Group are experts in their field so you know you are in safe hands. DiBA is a fundamental business tool providing recognition of achievements and recommendations for improvements, while providing a mechanism for employees to have a say in a confidential setting." Tali Shlomo, HR Director at the Chartered Insurance Institute (on our Diversity in Business Accreditation)
Diversity in Business Accreditation EW Group
DiBA offers organisations from all sectors a comprehensive diversity framework, which addresses a range of business functions. These include:

  • Leadership
  • People and performance management
  • Employee and community engagement
  • Supplier diversity
  • Customer satisfaction.

We audit across all equality strands, providing an analysis of your current position and our recommendations for increasing your diversity maturity. Our flexible framework means you can customise our 25 diversity accreditation standards to best fit your business goals.

Diversity Accreditation EW Group

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How will the Diversity in Business Accreditation help my business?

DiBA is a powerful business development tool, and gives your business the opportunity to:

  • Blaze a trail of diversity best practice, and accelerate culture change
  • Gain recognition as an employer of choice
  • Attract and retain the best diverse talent
  • Eliminate recruitment bias
  • Reduce under-representation of diverse groups
  • Build more inclusive cultures at work
  • Raise employee satisfaction, aspiration and innovation
  • Measure and monitor diversity data effectively
  • Promote diversity all across the supply chain.
"Undergoing the Diversity in Business Accreditation has delivered major benefits, such as improved client satisfaction and employee retention, and a stronger brand which has generated competitive advantage. To say the exercise was worthwhile would be an understatement: it has enabled us to take an uncompromising, but ultimately rewarding look at ourselves, and there is no area of activity that has not directly benefited." Peter Watson, Managing Partner at Simpson Millar LLP

Embedding equality, diversity and inclusion – Why now?

As well as the legal imperative to comply with the Equality Act 2010, the economic and cultural benefits of diversity have been well researched and reported on. Here are just a handful of examples:

  • Teams with high levels of diversity and inclusion outperform their peers by 80% (Deloitte).
  • Diverse organisations are 45% more likely to improve their market share (Centre for Talent Innovation).
  • Diverse businesses are 35% more likely to financially outperform their industry’s national average (McKinsey).

What exactly does the Diversity in Business Accreditation cover?

The full DiBA assessment audits your company against 25 standards. The standards are gathered under the following five themes:

Organisational Leadership

Your commitment to diversity as a tool for managing core business performance.

People Management and Organisational Culture

Your achievement of an inclusive organisational culture and engaged workforce.

Customer Communications and Satisfaction

Your engagement with diverse customer needs.

Community, Partnership and Supply Chain Diversity

Your commitment to embedding diversity within your supply chain and relationships with your local community.

Diversity Action Planning

Your plan for embedding diversity further across your business.

85% of the world’s CEOs say a clear diversity and inclusion strategy leads to increased performance
Teams with high levels of diversity and inclusion outperform their peers by 80%
Establishing your current position on equality and diversity is critical in order to drive change and demonstrate progress. Our diagnostic work means you can identify baselines from which to measure and existing good practice to build on.

Our approach will combine a robust analysis of your ‘hard data’ – policy documents and employee data relating to diversity – with a process of employee consultation to gather ‘soft data’. By speaking to a sample of employees from across the business, we will test our assumptions about your organisational culture and fill any gaps in existing employee data. These will take the form of structured, confidential small group and one-to-one conversations.

Our final report will map out the diversity maturity of your organisation, taking into account both cultural and process-driven barriers. Each report will be tailored to the organisation but may include:

  • Examples of current good practice and potential role models.
  • Quick wins that can be implemented straight away and with minimal resource.
  • Analysis of how your work in this area can underpin wider cultural change across the business.
  • Recommendations around improving the quality of employee data and employee disclosure rates.
  • Recommendations for future-proofing your talent pipeline.
  • A framework for measuring the impact and success of your diversity and inclusion initiatives.
  • Recommendations for the key themes of your diversity strategy.

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DiBA for the Construction Industry

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The Diversity in Business Accreditation is the recognised equality standard from diversity consultancy The EW Group.

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How is the Accreditation endorsed?

An independent awarding panel has been set up to regulate our DiBA assessment decisions. We have also achieved external endorsement of our business solutions by SFEDI.

SFEDI is the government-recognised, not-for-profit body for both Business Enterprise and Business Support standards.

What about re-accreditation?

DiBA is re-accredited on an annual basis. On the anniversary of your being awarded the Diversity in Business Accreditation, we will hold a re-accreditation meeting with you. This will be an opportunity to discuss and provide evidence for how your organisation has continued to develop and strengthen its diversity good practice over the past twelve months.

Every year you will be re-assessed against three of the five themes that were reviewed during your original DiBA accreditation, as well as any partially-compliant areas from the previous year.

Theme 2 is always reviewed, to ensure your internal organisational processes for staff are following diversity best practice. We also continue to review Theme 5 so that the previous year’s recommendations guide this process and enable you to identify new areas for growth.

Teams with more than one member who represent your target customers are up to 158% more likely to understand their needs
Your workforce could be 10-30% more productive if all your LGBT employees felt comfortable being out at work
"Diversity and inclusion remains integral to City West, as a service provider, employer, a partner, a purchaser of goods and services and as a landlord. We used DiBA to test this commitment… The findings were used to further embed and develop our equality and diversity strategy and practices." Judith Kerwick, Service Excellence Manager at City West Housing Trust

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