By signing up to the Inclusive Culture Pledge, you’ll benefit from a year of dedicated support on five key aspects of diversity and inclusion development.

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EW Group have been helping businesses across all sectors to create more inclusive cultures at work since 1992. 2017 marks our 25th anniversary, so we wanted to give something back to our clients. Something that really encapsulates our practical, creative and results-driven approach to diversity and inclusion development. That’s why, in November 2017, we launched our Inclusive Culture Pledge, and invited a host of EW Group clients to commit, with our expert support, to making great strides towards their inclusion and diversity goals.

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Creating a more inclusive culture at work – the businesses taking the lead

Here are the 28 organisations who have already signed up to our Inclusive Culture Pledge:

British Land – FTSE 100 commercial property company

BuroHappold – global engineering consultancy

CEDR – Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution

CGI – global IT and business process services consultancy

Direct Rail Services – supplier of transport and associated services to the nuclear industry

Ferrovial Agroman – UK & Ireland division of one of Europe’s largest construction companies

The Fire Fighters Charity – rehabilitation and wellbeing services for injured firefighters

Goldsmiths – one of the constituent colleges of the University of London

Magnox Sites – nuclear decommissioning Site Licence Company

Make Shift – community investment and cultural destinations experts in London

Mears Group – housing and social care provider

Merit Vanguard Alliance – partnership of four NHS mental health trusts in the West Midlands

Metaswitch – world-leading cloud native communications software company

Morson Group – recruitment specialists in engineering and technical

New Brewery Arts – arts centre and gallery in Cirencester

Purple Futures – probation and rehabilitation services provider on behalf of the Ministry of Justice

SSE – learning and support provider for social entrepreneurs

Solace Women’s Aid – independent charity supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council – local authority in Essex

Southern Brooks Community Partnerships – community development organisation in Bristol

The Sunshine Company – next-generation creative agency and consultancy

UK Power Networks – electricity network operator in London, the South East and the East of England

University of Central Lancashire – one of the UK’s largest universities

VolkerWessels UK – multidisciplinary engineering contractor

Warwickshire and West Mercia CRC – regional probation service provider

Westfield Europe – the European arm of the global retail management giant

Wilton & Bain – executive search and interim management specialists

World Confederation for Physical Therapy – global membership body and non-profit organisation

What is the Inclusive Culture Pledge?

The Inclusive Culture Pledge is a public commitment to building more inclusive workplace cultures over the next 12 months. Pledging organisations will receive a year-long support package from EW Group, backed up by our 26 years of expertise and experience as equality, diversity and inclusion consultants.

It’s an ideal time to let everyone know how you’re working towards a truly 21st workplace, where diverse talent is welcomed, valued and nurtured, and what you’re planning to do next.

Talk to us to find out more.

What will we receive as part of our Inclusive Culture Pledge?

We’ve designed our Pledge around the five key areas that will enable you to show measurable gains in developing Inclusive Culture over the course of 2018: LeadershipPeopleDataBrand and Future. See below for full details of each.

Each quarter, you’ll receive an exclusive set of specially-created inclusion and diversity resources to focus and support your work in the areas of Leadership, People, Data and Brand. These resources will include an Inclusive Culture playbook for managers, all-new video content, podcast interviews, a webinar with an EW Group specialist, and an array of other innovative toolkits for practical everyday use.

Then, as the year comes to an end, we’ll join you for a creative conversation to review the progress you’ve made and plan out your next steps towards an inclusive Future.

On sign-up, you’ll also receive a welcome pack featuring our Pledge logo, so you can promote your commitment and the great work you’re already doing.

All Pledging organisations will be invited to join us at our 25th Anniversary celebration event at London’s City Hall on 2nd November 2017. We’ll also be showcasing your work throughout the year right here on the EW Group website.

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What are the timelines for the Inclusive Culture Pledge?

The Inclusive Culture Pledge starts in January 2018, and lasts for 12 months.

What does the Inclusive Culture Pledge cost?

Nothing. We’re offering the Pledge package free of charge. We want to work with you to create a groundswell of great practice in diversity and inclusion, and ultimately make the workplaces of all who participate happier and more productive.

Questions? We're here to help.

What are the five areas that make up the Inclusive Culture Pledge?

1. Leadership – Our leaders know and communicate why diversity and inclusion matters to them.

Released in January, our toolkit will include a leadership webinar with CEO Jane Farrell on articulating your personal view on why a diverse and inclusive workplace is business-critical.

2. People – Our people know how to work towards an inclusive culture.

In April, we’ll provide your managers with a complete exercise on the theme of inclusive behaviours for them to carry out with their teams.

3. Data – We have the data we need to measure how inclusive our culture is.

Your July toolkit will include our guide to inclusive recruitment metrics. We’ll uncover how to measure the impact your unconscious bias training is having on the talent pipeline.

4. Brand – We are known to be inclusive, by our employees and our customers.

In October, our final toolkit will help enhance employee engagement and brand reputation among your customer base. The toolkit will include a checklist for inclusive communications, enabling you to audit your external messaging so it is inclusive and accessible to all.

5. Future – We will sustain and strengthen the culture we have built.

At the end of the calendar year, you’ll receive a free review and action-planning session with an EW Group specialist. We’ll create a short report on your progress over the 12 months, along with an EW Group endorsement statement which you can use in company communications and tender responses.

“EW Group ran sessions for everyone at Sunshine on Building Inclusive Cultures. It was both a super useful and very popular set of sessions for everyone who came.”

Mel Exon, Group CEO at The Sunshine Company

What are the business benefits of Inclusive Culture?

Taking the Inclusive Culture Pledge will help position your business alongside the ever-growing list of global companies who are tapping into the potential of inclusive culture to better engage their employees and better serve their customers.

Research in 2017 by the CMI shows that full BAME representation in the UK workforce would be worth an extra £24bn to the economy each year. Inclusive teams perform, innovate and problem-solve more effectively; inclusive companies attract and retain the best talent, and are 45% more likely to increase their market share as a result.

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