Walk your way to workplace wellbeing

A facilitated wellbeing walk to build resilience and bust stress


Today’s new adventure into wellbeing, resilience and stress-busting comes courtesy of Jacqueline Harris at A Breath of Fresh Air. I first attended one of Jacqueline’s Wellbeing Walks at Cliveden House back in April.

So here’s what you do. Gather a group of people together, take them on a guided walk somewhere beautiful. While you (as the facilitator in this scenario) prompt them to pause and reflect in some nice spots, run mini-mindfulness exercises in others, and set up a series of wellbeing questions for them to discuss in smaller groups while they walk. Sounds deceptively simple, but I soon discovered it’s a skilled task.

With Jacqueline’s permission, I had a go myself this morning with the EW Group team in Regent’s Park, London.

As usual they were all game and enthusiastic and thankfully gave their facilitator a pretty easy ride. We talked about our stressors before focusing on the times when we felt most ‘in our flow’, most confident and capable. Between us we came up with about a dozen small actions we could take as individuals to lay the foundations for wellbeing.

Wellbeing Walk

The importance of workplace wellbeing to millennials


I’m doubtful that I did Jacqueline’s excellent facilitation justice but nonetheless we had a lovely, semi-structured hour getting to know each other better. It was particularly useful given we have three new members of the team to integrate.

The whole of my team are millennials, and to them it seemed like the most natural, obvious topic to be spending some time on with colleagues. Patricia, my new Project Assistant said, “It was so great not only to be outside but to get to know one another and talk about our wellbeing. I feel inspired.”

This 2017 global research by Deloitte into the attitudes of millennials about work is really interesting reading.

Take a look at the Breath of Fresh Air website for more info and contact Jacqueline if you like to find out about her work with organisations.

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