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The Company Culture Podcast

Join Rachael Wilson as she speaks to CEOs, HR Leaders and workplace activists about their journey to rework organisational culture and cultivate a more inclusive workplace environment for everyone. Each fortnight, reWorked episodes will profile industry leaders and introduce workplace culture experts. Our second season will also include special ‘How to Rework’ guides to topics including unconscious bias and inclusive recruitment.

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Teams with high levels of diversity and inclusion outperform their peers by 80%
Your most engaged employees perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave your organisation
How EW Group can support you
Photo of a group in training with actors - unconscious bias training

Unconscious Bias Training

EW Group are specialists in leading-edge unconscious bias training. We offer a range of in-person training courses, online e-learning modules and innovative actor-based workshops aimed at addressing unconscious bias in the workplace.

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Inclusive Leadership Training Development Diversity Inclusion

Inclusive Cultures

EW Group specialise in the development of inclusive cultures through cross-cultural training. You can train your teams, individuals or entire departments, at all levels of your organisation.

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