Judith MacBrine

Diversity & Inclusion Consultant
North America Consultant
United States

Judith has over 40 years’ experience facilitating groups to improve individual, team and organizational performance by working through the opportunities diversity and inclusion can bring and focusing on the importance of inclusive leadership.

Judith has worked with the Davis Police Department (DPD) since 2014, having facilitated several community dialogues on sensitive and heated topics within the United States, and subsequently designing a mandatory ‘Exploring Unconscious Bias’ workshop for all Davis Police Department employees. Further afield, Judith has worked with the NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center on the design of two ‘Power and Privilege Series’ workshops: a two-day Disability Workshop and a two-day Generations Workshop.

Drawing on a large and varied toolkit of skills and techniques, Judith has proven experience in effectively supporting individual and organizational development, and helping organizations to truly understand the benefits of diversity and inclusion.

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