The value of diversity data, whatever your business

Diversity data analysis can bring enormous business benefit: future-proofing your talent pipeline, serving your customers better, or building your brand’s reputation.

Last week, I ran a Diversity Data Clinic for a group of organisations who have taken the EW Group Inclusive Culture Pledge this year. We had a great conversation about diversity data, and especially the core principles of:

  • Knowing why you want diversity data in the first place
  • Encouraging your people to share their data with you and improving disclosure rates
  • Benchmarking your diversity data
  • Taking action as a result of your diversity data analysis
  • Developing your narrative around your commitment to diversity and inclusion at work

The value of all of this? Taking the talent pipeline as one example, we only need to look at research by PwC last year to see that 54% of women (and 45% of men) said they had researched a company’s diversity and inclusion policy as part of their decision to apply for a role.

Clearly, this really matters to applicants, and organisations who prioritise inclusive recruitment stand to gain a significant advantage in the race for talent.


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The Public Sector Equality Duty – driving diversity data disclosure

When I was putting the programme together for the Diversity Data Clinic, one of the key insights was how useful it is that public-sector bodies employing over 150 staff have to publish their diversity data every year. I wonder if the Equality Act’s authors knew when they put the Public Sector Equality Duty together how impactful it would be in driving the diversity and inclusion agenda forward.

And with many private-sector companies also committing to the requirements of the Public Sector Equality Duty, it’s clear the value of the legislation reaches far beyond its original focus point.

Another wonderful product of these diversity data requirements is how they have unleashed so much creativity in the analysts. This has led to a treasure brilliantly presented data available to all online. This way you can easily see patterns over time, how an organisation compares to others, or whether their staff profile reflects the working-age population in that area.

Here are a couple of my favourites:

Transport for London

Metropolitan Police Service

As someone who often works on diversity research, analysis and report-writing projects, I want to thank the people who came up with this great piece of legislation.

Wherever you are when it comes to diversity data, EW Group can help: setting up your systems, communicating to staff, analysing your data, developing your narrative. Take a look at our diversity analysis services for starters, or get in touch to find out more.