Trisha Chauhan

Consultant Manager
Head Office Consultant
United Kingdom

Trisha Chauhan is an experienced manager with 7 years’ experience working in the International Development sector, managing projects and teams globally on projects focused on conflict, crisis and global challenges. Trisha is also a Life and Empowerment Coach for women from global majority backgrounds. Creating a more equitable world is part of her purpose and she believes whole heartedly in the work we do at EW Group and Challenge Consultancy.

Trisha’s role as Consultant Manager at EW Group and Challenge Consultancy is a core part of the business, working across the Client Solutions and Project Management Teams to ensure they have the right people for the right projects, helping to grow and support the consultant team. She leads on developing our Consultant Strategy and various initiatives to bring consultants together to discuss and learn from each others experiences.

Her skills lie in driving initiatives to support company growth, building strong business relationships and partnerships, people management and creating robust management systems and processes.

Trisha Chauhan - Consultant Manager at EW Group & Challenge Consultancy