Our day volunteering with Groundwork UK

Our day volunteering with Groundwork UK

Last month, the whole team at EW Group took a day out of the office to volunteer with Groundwork – a charity working locally and nationally to transform lives in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities.

We believe in doing our part to give back to our communities and to help protect the environment. Groundwork’s mission is simple: by bringing people and the environment together with practical local action, we can have a greater impact.

So, we headed down to Stamford Hill Estate to help green up a shipping container that had been dumped onto the estate. The local community had already taken steps to create more green spaces on the estate for everyone to enjoy, including a mural and a wellbeing garden (complete with scarecrows).

We spent the day building (from scratch!) planters, created habitat boxes and a bench. From cutting the wood, to drilling the planks of wood together to build the planters, lining and filling them with soil and finally planting a variety of herbs and flowers. We were busy – to say the least!

Volunteering with Groundwork UK

The detailed plan for us to implement

Groundwork Corporate Volunteering

It was hard work and we definitely worked up a sweat as got to terms on how to use a saw and power tools. But the beautiful weather, all-round good vibes and the rewarding feeling of seeing what we were able to achieve in a day made it all worth it.

The Groundwork team were amazing and now with our newfound skills, we’ll be able to tackle all the DIY jobs in the office.

If you’d like to know more about corporate social responsibility at EW Group, please follow this link.

Groundwork Corporate Volunteering
Groundwork Corporate Volunteering

The finished product!

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